Press release

The implementation site is the premises of Trimetrik Kft. at 3523/64 Csucskai u. 12. The company's plant is located here, on top of which the solar system will be installed. The aim of the project is to reduce the use of fossil energy and to greatly reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

ID: GINOP-4.1.4-19-2020-01450

Parameters of the solar system:

– Fronius ECO 25 5 years warranty / 25kW inverter 2 pcs.
– Jinko solar 330 W monocrystalline solar panel / 10 years manufacturer’s warranty 80,7 % performance guarantee at the end of 25 years. 132 units
– DC-AC side surge protection, electrical installation materials 2 pcs
– Support structure: aluminium rails, clamps, stainless steel bracket for tent, plate for roof 132pcs

Activities carried out under the project:

Installation of a total of 43.56 kWp of solar panels for renewable energy production.