Corporate Culture

Main elements of our Corporate culture

  1. The aim of all our actions and decisions is to support our company’s interests
  2. The value and power of Trimetrik is provided by the unity of our activities, departments and staff
  3. Mutual respect is for everyone, so we give it to everyone
  4. We believe, Trimetrik will be successful only if we support our Customers effectively to be focused on their core business and to achieve their business goals
  5. We take the responsibility for our mistakes openly, we bravely face their consequences and always search for the real root cause
  6. We pass on the gathered knowledge to our colleagues, integrate it into our system and make it a lasting value for our company
  7. We compose our thoughts as concise and as objective as possible
  8. The deadlines and the compliance with our commitments are a matter of prestige for us
  9. When solving a problem, we never search for our truth but for the solution
  10. We consider the recurring error a really serious matter
  11. In the problems we see the challenge and the tasks to be solved
  12. We want to produce good for the first time because there is nothing more expensive than work done twice!
  13. We pay attention to each other humanly too, because we feel our colleagues’ troubles as ours